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Chapter 1 Contents


Quiz #1

Write the number from the items in Column A beside the items in Column B that best describes or relates to their meaning.   

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Additional Resources 

The following articles are recommended as reading assignments followed by an in-class discussion in which students share their key takeaways from the articles.  The first three give great insights into what it takes to become a film composer.  They address the challenges and strategies to beome succesful in the industry. 


What is a Film Composer and How Do I Become One? 

The StringOvation Team.  March 17, 2017.  

In addition to explaining the knowledge necessary for scoring films, StringOvation also briefly details the kind of interpersonal skills needed to grow and develop your career as a film composer. 


So You Want to be a Film Composer? 

Lukas Kendall  

Lukas Kendall describes the harsher realities of working as a budding freelance composer, yet offers advice for those who are determined to build their career in film scoring. 


FAQs on How to Become a Film Composer 

Lukas Kendal.  January 5, 2009. 

Lukas Kendall speaks further in this article about networking, strategizing, education, and a commitment to finding your unique musical voice. 


Scoring a Film 

Christian Henson, James Bellamy, and Paul Thomson 

Spitfire audio offers a comprehensive, 3-part guide which details every facet involved in creating a film score. 


How to Spot a Film 

Jon Brantingham.  August 15, 2017.  

Jon Brantingham talks about the specifics one must pay attention to when spotting a film, or any piece of media. 

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