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Chapter 6 Contents

6.2-6.11  Film Cues for Study

View the following scores and discuss whether they are traditional art music minimalism or just minimalistic by other means:

American Beauty | Directed by Sam Mendes | 1999

Composer:  Thomas Newman

Risky Business | Directed by Paul Brickman | 1983

Composer:  Tangerine Dream

Little Miss Sunshine | Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris | 2006

Composer:  DeVotchKa

Exotica | Directed by Atom Egoyan | 1994

Composer:  Mychael Danna

Babel | Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu | 2006

Composer: Gustavo Santaolalla

The Illusionist | Directed by Neil Burger | 2006

Composer:  Philip Glass

Lost in Translation | Directed by Sofia Coppola | 2003

Composer:  Kevin Shields

Tangerine Dream – Love on a Real Train (State Azure cover)

The Intangible - Through the Mist 

Minimalist Space Ambient Music

6.4.  Project #1. Create Minimalist Music for a Film or Media Cue.


Search for a suitable film, experimental, animation, or documentary scene or sequence to compose music for using the minimalist approach.  The cue should be at least three to four minutes long.  You may wish to edit the visuals to appropriate starting and finishing points.  Share in class and discuss outcomes.  How well is the match with the visuals?  Why the choice of instruments?  What was the overall impact of the score?  Was the score well mixed?  Was the musical and sonic placement interesting?  Does it sound like it was the original score to the film?


Students then, based on feedback from the class, write a short self-report about their cue including process taken as well as commentary on the feedback provided by others.  This first project will be evaluated and graded by the instructor.

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